Why it’s important to choose a Pilot Recruitment Specialist

When it comes to engaging a Pilot Recruitment or Crew leasing agent, not all agents and agencies are created equal.

Unlike Lawyers or Accountants whose skills have been attained in formal institutions with checks and balances in place to ensure minimum standards are achieved, recruitment consultants come from all walks of life and backgrounds. It is not always clear on first contact whether the consultant you are speaking to has been working in your industry for five years, or five minutes! Unfortunately, by the time the errors are picked up your Airline, may have paid a hefty fee to an agent who has in turn, saddled you with an unsuitable employee or contractor who may be difficult to let go of.

“Ensuring you work with a reputable Agent who have Pilot Recruitment Specialists on board, is the key to success”.

Pilot Recruitment Specialists are experts in the industry who have built up years of experience and knowledge. They will understand the recruitment process specific to pilots and be familiar with the particular requirements and idiosyncrasies of the aviation industry.

Advantages of using experts include:

  • The ability to quickly recognise a skilled pilot from their CV and credentials
  • The ability to recognise when information provided doesn’t quite stack up and requires further investigation
  • Skilled interviewing techniques specific to pilot recruitment
  • Conversant at reading and understanding pilot documentation
  • An understanding of the implicit and explicit requirements of the airline
  • Ability to quickly seek out pilots through numerous channels and networks.

As well as adding value to the recruitment process through experience and understanding, Pilot Recruitment Consultants can offer much more.

For Airlines, Recruitment Specialists are also industry experts who can:

  • Offer industry insights to strengthen your own knowledge
  • Act as sounding boards to assist with your strategic manpower planning
  • Have established networks to secure quality pilots for your Airline
  • Provide custom solutions to your manpower requirements
  • Become a trusted partner who understands your unique requirements
  • Add value through additional products and services.

For candidates, Pilot Recruitment Specialists may offer valuable tips and advice to help you find the job of your dreams.

At WINGS, our team are part recruiter, part careers counsellor and can:

  • Let you know what is going on in the industry
  • Point you towards opportunities that you may have not yet considered
  • Talk you through the pros and cons if you are having trouble making up your mind about a particular opportunity
  • Provide guidance on CV writing and document collection
  • Offer information and expertise through the hiring process
  • Offer ongoing support throughout your career.

Finally, you don’t get to be a Recruitment Specialist without passion!

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With years of experience behind us, the WINGS Recruitment Pilot Consultants have found their niche in Pilot Recruitment. We just love what we do. We genuinely enjoy the matchmaking process between a pilot and an Airline. We have spent years building our networks and immersing ourselves in the aviation industry. We invest time and care in each pilot and Airline we work with. We are our candidates and clients biggest cheerleaders. We share in their successes and failures.

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