What Are The Types of Employment Options For Pilots

10 Employment Options for Pilots

A digital search of Pilot will pull up a portfolio of images of Airline pilots. However, there are a range of employment opportunities for Flight Crew to operate on different types of flying machine both inside and outside of the Airline environment. We have put together a list of ten pilot career options to consider:


International Airline Pilot

Major Airlines offer an established and reasonably secure career pathway for pilots. With opportunities to fly around the world and work your way up, through aircraft types and ranks, pilots often remain with their chosen Airline for the duration of their career.


Regional Airline Pilot

Flying domestically can provide flight crew the ability to operate closer to home with good prospects for work life balance. Regional operators may be owned by or subsidiaries of major airlines so joining starting off as a regional pilot  may pave the way into international flight crew opportunities.


Contract Pilot

If a career with the same Airline is not for you, , contracting is a great option. Contract pilots operate aircraft for Airlines on a fixed term or casual basis. Contracts are often well paid and provide several different options which may include commuting contracts where pilots travel away from home for a rostered period of time or opportunities to live and work in other parts of the world.


Business Jet Pilot

Private Jets are owned privately by individuals or companies, or private jets may be hired through a leasing agent. Business Jet pilots fly their elite passengers where they want to go, when they want to go. Flight Crew have more responsibility for the overall flight planning and scheduling and may have more interaction with their clientele.


Charter Pilot

Unlike the scheduled operations of most Airlines, Charter flights provide flexibility in routes, schedules and destinations. Charter flights are used by groups of people who want to go to a single destination for example sports teams, special events, workers on fly in and fly out rosters.


Tour Operator

Pilots who work for tour operators show tourists the sights of the surrounding area from the air, often acting as a tour guide. You will likely be taking smaller groups and providing local knowledge and information to your passengers during the flight.


Flight Instructor

Flight Instructors provide classroom, inflight or simulator instruction. The level at which they provide instruction will depend on their experience. Instructors work within flying schools, airlines and flight training establishments teaching, assessing and reassessing formal pilot qualifications, providing type rating training or taking introductory flights.


Test pilot

Before aircraft are approved safe to fly, they are evaluated by Test Pilots. Test pilots are highly skilled flight crew who have an excellent knowledge of aeronautical engineering. They are able to solve problems as they arise and work closely with aircraft engineers to develop an aircraft that is safe for use.


Airforce or Military Pilot

The Airforce can provide a fantastic career for pilots. Not only will you gain first rate training but you may undertake a range of flying missions to a variety of destinations. Assignments might include transport and logistics, maritime surveillance, search and rescue, disaster relief, peacekeeping, civil assistance and active service.


Search and Rescue Pilot

Pilots play a pivotal role in search and rescue operations across air and sea assisting those in need. The Fire Service require aerial assistance spot and fight fires and the police use aircraft to carry out their work.



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