New Decade – New Job?

What is it about the beginning of a new year, particularly one at the beginning of a new decade that makes us feel like we should make a change?

If you enjoy working with your current, company, the job you do and the people you work with then there may not be a need to make any changes. For others, gaining some perspective on where you are and possibly making some small alterations to either your mindset or your role will provide all the change you need. If a career change is sorely needed then the New Year is the ideal time to start planning your next move.

Consider the big picture

Is your job enabling you to work towards your long term goals and overall are you happy with in your company? If the answer is yes, then you might just need to remind yourself of your career goals. Particularly within aviation when pilots are following a seniority list it can be hard to see the progression happening when in actual fact it is. Review where you started, how far you’ve come and where you want to be in the next ten years. Assess the state of your airline and the current aviation job market to get a sense of what are realistic expectations. Can you achieve  where you are currently?

I love my job…but

Consider the areas of your job that are causing dissatisfaction and figure out if these things can be improved. If upgrade progression is slow, taking on responsibilities in other areas might offer better job satisfaction and enable you to develop a new skill set. Speak to your manager about becoming involved in other areas of the business such as in training, recruitment, administration and mentoring.

If your employer isn’t interested in helping you to find better job satisfaction and if the issues are insurmountable then it might be time to go.

Where do I start?

Browse industry job boards like to get an idea of the jobs available.

Contact your preferred Airlines. You may be able to register or apply via their website.

Register with a reputable agent like Wings Recruitment.

Writing a good CV is essential when job hunting or applying for your dream job. Our blog Pilot CV Tips and Tricks has all the information about what you need to include in your CV.

Find out what information and documentation is required when applying for a flight crew position by reading What do Airlines ask for and Why?


Still have questions?

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