When an airline collapses, Wings can help

When it is on your own terms, seeking and starting a new job is an exciting time. You can take your time to weigh and assess your career move. You may be able to afford to meet with several different employers before committing to a new role. You will be physically and mentally ready to relinquish your current position and ready for change.

But what happens when looking for a new role is not on your own terms? I have had the privilege of being in contact with a number of Thomas Cook Airlines pilots over the last few weeks and have been reflecting on the human cost of this recent airline collapse. Although airline collapses are not unusual (a recent article from Reuters details several airline collapses in Europe alone since 2017), the nature of the pilot job with its expensive licencing, recency and training requirements make securing a new job within a relatively quick timeframe essential.

We have pulled together some of our blogs below that will help you protect yourself and your information, to be able to quickly start applying for new jobs in the event you should unexpectedly lose yours.

Helpful blogs and insights

Safeguarding yourself against the unexpected

Aviation is an ever-changing industry and as such, can be very unpredictable. Safeguarding yourself in case your airline were to collapse will avoid any additional stress or complications should this happen to you.  Click for insights.

Skype interviews – 6 insights to success

Online interviewing is a very popular technique for employers and recruiters to assess potential candidates. Skype is just one way to perform online interviews, and we understand there are many more. Read more here.

10 tips to help you succeed in a pilot interview

Interviews can be a daunting process; some people are great at answering questions under pressure but many people struggle with this and become flustered, which can be difficult to recover from during an interview. Here’s our 10 best tips to help you through.

Social Media and recruitment

With our increased social media presence on the internet, it is no surprise that the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurring. If you have an online social presence it is important to understand how to manage it. We’ll show you how.

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By Anna Milne

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