Safeguarding yourself against the unexpected

Aviation is an ever-changing industry and as such, can be very unpredictable. Safeguarding yourself in case your Airline were to collapse will avoid any additional stress or complications should this happen to you.

When an airline shuts down suddenly offices are closed, people are unable to return to their jobs and company website portals which contain your information may not be accessible. This can make it extremely difficult to obtain any sort of official Airline paperwork such as simulator reports, line check reports, training records and letters of reference. That is why keeping updated records of all of these is extremely important.

If the worst were to happen, you want to ensure you have all your pilot documents up to date so that you can apply for jobs at other airlines as soon as possible and minimise any periods of unemployment due to delays in obtaining the necessary paperwork.

Keeping updated copies of your training records

Ensuring you keep updated copies of your simulator check reports, line checks and other training documents is essential. Whenever you complete one of these always ask for a copy of the report whether it’s a paper copy or electronic. If your Airline keeps your training records in a company portal, download these to your own computer. Likewise, ensure you always ask for copies of any other training you complete with the Airline.

Log books

Keeping your log book up to date is also extremely important. Although your Airline probably keeps electronic records, you should always keep track of your flight hours as well. Again, remember that if an Airline shuts down, obtaining electronic records from an Airline can in some cases be near impossible. Having proof of the hours you have logged and your date of last flight is essential when applying for other jobs which have set minimum requirements. Ideally, you want to have these records certified so ask your company to certify the hours in your log book regularly.

Referee details

Something else to consider is who is able to provide you with a reference. Having personal contact details for people in a position of authority within your company, such as your Chief Pilot or Director of Flight Operations will be helpful if company phones and email addresses are frozen.

Applying for other jobs

For some pilots who have worked for the same Airline for a very long time, applying for a new job will feel like a daunting task but the sooner you do this the better, particularly if you plan to continue with your flying career. We often hear as flight crew recruiters that time can be a pilot’s worst enemy, and this couldn’t be more accurate, as running out of currency on the aircraft can be an issue. Many employers require pilots to be current on type (on the actual aircraft) within 6 to 12 months, which is why securing a new job as soon as possible should be your first priority if you plan to continue flying.

Keeping your CV up to date

Finally, keeping your CV up to date is imperative. Ensuring your CV is complete with your most recent flight hours will allow you to be able to be ready to go, if you need to apply for jobs immediately. Having a complete and up to date CV is vital when applying for other jobs. For more information about how to write an effective pilot CV we recommend you read our blog on Pilot CV Tips and Tricks.

If you follow these simple rules when it comes to keeping your pilot documentation up to date you will be ready no matter the circumstances and will avoid any unnecessary additional stress arising from being unprepared.

Remember that when an Airline collapses, sadly there will be many others in the same position as yourself looking for a new opportunity so being prepared will give you a head start when it comes to job hunting.

We can help

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