How are Airlines going green?

I recently wrote a short article about our partner Bamboo Airways and some of the reasons why flight crew should think about applying. Bamboo Airlines Fly Green Campaign piqued my interest so I did some further reading about other airlines who are tackling environmental issues.

Did you know that the 2019 United Nations 46th World Environment Day had a focus on aviation? According to air travel currently accounts for 2% of global emissions but the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) predicts emissions to rise by a whopping 300-700% between 2020 and 2050.

Whilst the airline industry has a huge impact on the environment, it is an industry that is also putting its focus and wallet towards finding solutions. This week’s Dubai Air Show 2019 opened with a fly over by an A380 painted in green in a nod towards the Expo 2020’s theme, sustainability.

There are a number of airlines taking steps in the right direction and below are just five of them.

Air France

Air France has managed to decrease it’s C02 and total net emissions despite rising air traffic. The airline has eliminated a staggering 1300 tons of single use plastic from its in-flight service using sustainable paper and wood alternatives. Customers are encouraged to donate to the trip and tree initiative planting trees worldwide to offset carbon emissions.

United Airlines

The United Airlines Eco-Skies programme is committed to increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions through technology and process, investing in sustainable fuel sources and improving the sustainability of it’s products and facilities.

Singapore Airlines

According to iswitch, Singapore Airlines is working towards developing lower carbon, renewable aviation fuels from sustainable sources as part of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG). Other initiatives include the use of lightweight cargo containers and crockery and reduction of operations items.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic’s Change is in the Air programme focuses on a number of different areas to achieve a more sustainable outlook. Environmental priorities are around aircraft fuel and carbon reductions. This also includes aircraft noise and waste. The airline is committed to improve the people, environment and animal welfare of the products and services they design, contract and buy. They also offer passengers the ability to offset the emissions associated with their journey.

Tui Airways

In December 2018 German group Atmosfair announced that Tui Airways was the most eco-friendly airline in the world. Based on carbon emissions calculated using aircraft type in fleets, engines, winglets, seating and freight capacity as well as load factors. Check our further information here from the Daily Mail UK.

A strong trend towards innovation

Of course there a number of Airlines yet to take a step towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future. With a strong trend towards innovation in this area we hope that those airlines who have not yet started to make a positive change, will begin to see the long term benefits of improving the aviation industry and the world as a whole for themselves and their children.

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