Welcome to Wings Recruitment

Welcome to Wings Recruitment. Recruitment with a Difference. And welcome to our blog! Here you will be able to catch up on our updates, exciting news, what is coming up for us and more information about recruitment and the processes around it.


With a focus on quality Airline partnerships and professional Flight Crew, Wings Recruitment aims to bring the best of the best together. 


Our team are experienced pilot recruitment specialists who are skilled practitioners in sourcing quality flight crew worldwide. We use the latest digital marketing techniques to reach our global audience and through our Korr Group partners, we can offer a range of other services.


Our extensive industry networks enable us to supply a range of flight crew specialists which may include:


  • Captains
  • First Officers
  • Trainees
  • Instructors
  • Check and Training Pilots
  • Operations Management personnel
  • Consultants and Project specialists
  • Other Personnel



We can support your operation by sourcing permanent flight crew and other personnel for your business. We also have the capability to engage contract flight crew, where we take care of the contractual arrangements and payroll function. We are professionals and provide the best service possible. With comprehensive checks and balances in place, we supply fully compliant, quality personnel.


As part of the Korr Group, Wings Recruitment provide solutions for flight crew and operational recruitment.  and through our partners Korr and AViat other services including engineering, aircraft painting, warehousing and logistics and project management.


Wings Recruitment has offices in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and Singapore with a professional and friendly team to assist your inquiries. Contact us now if you are interested in our recruitment services or able to offer high-end flight crew services.