The Benefits of Contract Leasing of Flight Crew for an Airline

With the pilot shortage that airlines are facing worldwide evident, it is no surprise that contract leasing of airline pilots is becoming more and more popular with many operators utilising this method of engaging flight crew.

At Wings Recruitment we specialise in flight crew leasing. We can provide advice, support and flight crew leasing services to your airline.

Some of the main benefits of flight crew leasing for airlines are:

  • Contract pilots are a great way for airlines to supplement their permanent flight crew in the current pilot shortage. 
  • Contracting flight crew enables airlines to manage their manpower resources to respond effectively to seasonal and industry changes as well as other fluctuations and disruptions to their operations.
  • Sourcing of prospective candidates and all front-end aspects of the recruitment process, including screenings and interview arrangements, are completed by the agent. The airline is presented with qualified candidates who meet the requirements and are interested in the position.
  • Pilot’s credentials, qualifications and references are gathered and checked by the agent, which provides an additional safeguard to the airline’s recruitment process. 
  • Generally speaking and depending on the position, contract pilots are highly experienced aviation professionals, many of them are trainers and instructors who can add value to your organisation and CRM.
  • The agency takes care of the paperwork and administration related to contract flight crew payroll, removing this time-consuming task from the airline each month.  
  • As an independent contractor, any issues or queries arising in relation to the pilot’s contract are dealt with by the agent, not the airline.

flight crew

If you are currently considering contract leasing flight crew for your organisation contact Wings Recruitment. At Wings we offer a unique and innovative approach to sourcing quality flight crew.

Our pilot recruitment team have extensive experience in recruitment both from within an airline and in an agency setting, so we understand the recruitment process from your perspective.

For more information about Wings Recruitment and flight crew contract leasing contact us.



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