Five reasons why your Airline should partner with Wings Recruitment – Pilot Recruitment Agent

1. Established talent pipelines

At Wings Recruitment we can find experienced Flight Crew that your Airline needs.

We have established pipelines of quality Pilots from around the world and the ability to source Pilots through our networking channels. Our database includes Pilots with a range of skills and abilities including:

  • Management Pilots (both flying and non-flying) eg: Chief Pilots and Director of Flight Operations;
  • Training Pilots with TRE/TRI experience, Simulator Instructors and more;
  • Line Flying Pilots based globally and willing to relocate. Covering all type ratings, including Boeing and Airbus;
  • Flight Crew experienced in military, passenger, freight operations.

2. A tailored service

We can respond to your Airline’s requirements by supporting you with the recruitment of Pilots when you need them. Our team can act quickly to your changing conditions to source Pilots on the terms that suit your Airline.

Permanent recruitment

Finding the right candidates is very time consuming. Let us take care of the advertising and shortlisting so you can get on with the final selection of Pilots who have been vetted by Wings Recruitment. We will interview potential candidates, complete reference checks and collect, scrutinize and assess their documentation. We are able to arrange psychometric testing, drug and alcohol testing and any other additional checks required.

Contract Pilots

Wings Recruitment offers a contract leasing service where your Airline can lease Pilots on a short or long-term basis. We will take care of the contractual arrangements with the Flight Crew and manage the Flight Crew payroll. Our team will invoice you on a fortnightly or monthly basis, the choice is yours.

Have something different in mind?

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3. Experience and reputation

Wings Recruitment Consultants each have around 10 years Flight Crew and Pilot recruitment experience and have recruited for a number of global airlines with excellent results. Our experienced team of Consultants are fully aware of regulatory pilot and document compliance issues and challenges. We provide superior support to ensure Flight Crew are vetted thoroughly and have appropriate checks and balances in place.

Wings Recruitment is a part of the reputable KORR Group which has been involved in Flight Crew and pilot recruitment for many years. The KORR Group is an Australian owned aviation company with interests in engineering, project management, aircraft painting and holds its own maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) approvals.

4. Commitment to quality

Wings Recruitment is committed to quality. The candidates we provide to our clients are fully interviewed by an experienced Consultant, reference checked and have had their documentation collected, fully scrutinized and cross checked by a skilled team. Our Clients can also look forward to regular contact with our Consultants and in-country visits.

5. Ongoing support and additional services

Wings Recruitment, KORR Group and sister company AViat Global offer additional recruitment services beyond Flight Crew and Pilots to support your Airline. Talk to us about project management, aircraft painting, third party maintenance, other recruitment and more.

To enquire about Wings Recruitment and to receive further information, complete our client registration and we will be in touch.

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By Anna Milne

Anna Milne of Wings RecruitmentAnna is the Recruitment Manager at WINGS Recruitment. She is at the forefront of her industry’s news and enjoys making connections over LinkedIn.

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