Why engage a Crew Leasing Recruitment Agency?

Even when an Airline has a pipeline of suitable candidates available, the means and the scale to manage flight crew personnel, the recruitment process for an Airline Pilot is extremely time-consuming.

When you add in the additional challenges to operating a successful Airline, the worldwide pilot shortage, high operating costs and a competitive market, it may be time to consider a third-party solution in the form of a Recruitment Agency.

Recruitment Specialists

Recruitment Agents who specialise in Flight Crew and Leasing are equipped to deal with large volumes of applications and pre-select those applicants who are of interest to the Airline. Your in-house human resources and recruitment team can then focus on the best candidates, rather than all of the applicants.

For Airlines, it is important to ensure that the Agent you work with has the expertise necessary to source and vet flight crew. The Wings Recruitment team are all seasoned Pilot Recruitment Consultants with many years of experience finding flight crew for international Airlines, so you can trust that they know their business. Our team have the networks and the know-how to find the right flight crew for your Airline.

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Permanent or Temporary Recruitment (Direct hire)

An Agent can take care of your entire recruitment needs or supplement your own recruitment efforts.

At Wings Recruitment we have access to global networks of pilots and flight crew from junior pilots through to operations management via our own networks that you may be unable to reach on your own.

Our experienced team of Flight Crew Recruitment Consultants conduct a full front-end recruitment process to pre-select suitable candidates for your Airline. We have robust processes with checks and balances in place to ensure candidates meet the technical requirements and to ensure that they are a good fit for the Airline’s ethos. The process includes:

  • Sourcing the best flight crew through our extensive global networks and industry websites.
  • Comprehensive interviewing and reference checking.
  • Document collection and compliance verification.
  • Tailored psychometric testing.

We can also customise our service to offer the assistance that your Airline needs. If you would like assistance with part of the recruitment process, contact us for more information.

We have Flight Crew available now and looking for positions with Airlines.

Flight Crew Leasing

Flight Crew Leasing or Contract Leasing is the engagement of a qualified pilot or member of flight crew for a fixed period of time through an Agent like Wings Recruitment.

Think of us as an extension of the Airline’s recruitment, human resources, legal and payroll departments.

Like direct hire recruitment, our team of experienced  Pilot Recruitment Consultants will conduct a full front-end recruitment process with checks and balances in place to ensure our flight crew not only meet the Airlines technical requirements but that they will also be a good fit for the Airlines culture.

The Airline will direct the crew member operationally on a day to day basis and Wings Recruitment will take care of the contractual arrangements and payroll. As the flight crew are contracted to the Airline, through Wings Recruitment, we diligently support our pilots on contract as well as our Airline partners.

We have Flight Crew available now and looking for Contract Positions with Airlines.

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Ongoing Support

At Wings Recruitment we are committed to supporting our partners by working closely with Airlines to ensure that our services align with the Airline’s strategy and personnel requirements.

We are also dedicated to ensuring our Contract Pilots are supported through the recruitment process and while they are on contract with our Airlines.

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