Encouraging more girls to become pilots

Wings Recruitment work closely with industry leaders, Aviation Job Search. From time to time, we’ll share their insights within our industry. Below is an excerpt from a recent blog, “Aer Lingus stresses the need to encourage more girls to become pilots”.

Encouraging young women to become pilots

A study commissioned by Aer Lingus has stressed the need for schools to encourage more young girls to become pilots, says Air Lingus.

The Red C Survey was carried out with 500 adults aged 18-30 from across Ireland. It found that just a third of women were encouraged to follow STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) career at school, compared with half of men the same age.

The study concluded this was contributing to the low number of women applying for Aer Lingus’ pilot training programme. Moreover, women appeared to not have a general grasp of how to get into the career from an early age. Suggesting they would never venture into the possibility of becoming a pilot.

The study has sparked a new campaign for the airline to attract women pilots, who currently account for around one in ten of all pilots at the airline.

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For study results and more, read the full article on the Aviation Job Search website.

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