Beyond flying – what is out there for pilots who have finished their Airline careers

Airline careers frequently finish once upper age limits for flying are reached. Some pilots will look forward to retirement at this point, dedicating themselves to their hobbies and quality time with their loved ones, but for others who are not yet ready to retire, it can simply mean a change in career.

If you do decide that you would like to continue to be involved in aviation there are many non-flying possibilities available.

Instructing roles

Instructing can be a great alternative for many that wish to remain connected to the aviation world and if you enjoy teaching others and passing on knowledge then instructing could be the right job for you.

Simulator Instructors: there are opportunities both within airlines for simulator flight instructors or with private simulator training providers.

Ground Instructors: if you are passionate about teaching and mentoring others, then this could be a great option. Ground Instructors teach within airlines, upskilling pilots and providing training to new cadet pilots. Or you could teach pilots at a private flight school.

Other non-flying roles

Management: if you have managerial experience, you may consider a non-flying airline managerial role. For example, some Director of Flight Operations roles can be non-flying. This is a great alternative for pilots who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment within an airline.

Regulatory: the Civil Aviation Authority may have roles for retired pilots in the auditing and regulatory areas.

Technical Writing: if you are passionate about writing, perhaps there can be opportunities within airlines for technical writing of Standard Operating Procedures and airline manuals.

Mentoring: finally, you may consider becoming a mentor to the younger generations and organisations out there by providing advice and guidance to those wanting to become airline pilots.

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